brings so much more in version 2.0 Which Will be discussed in this paste.

Smooth Layout.

In version 2, we have implemented routing and transition using the Vuejs router, giving the website smooth transitions, SPA mode and improved speed.


In version 2, we have improved user experience by completely recreating the design making it simple and easier to use

Visibility Options

In version one, Visibility had just two options which were public and private.

With version 2, w have added the hidden visibility option to give you more control

Paste Grouping

In version 2, pasfree gives you the ability to group paste by adding a passcode.

Before version 2, passcodes were only used to edit paste.

News and Updates Section

In version 2, we have added the news and updates section that enables us to keep you updated with latest features of

Guide Section

Version 2 also introduces the guide section which enables us to provide guides to you


We have improved security in version 2 making sure that your posts on our website are secure

Delete Option

We have also added the delete option which enables you to delete your posts when need be