Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions from our users, with our answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always send us an email with your enquiry.


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How do I use this site?

To start, go to the Create page and type or post the content you wish to publish in the large textbox. Your content can be a list of links, just text, or a mixture of both.

What do the options On the Create Page mean?

The create page has four options: visibility, referer Info, Edit Password, and expiry

The visibility Option (Default: public)

This option allows you to set the visibility of your post

  • Public: The post is available to everyone
  • Hidden: Only people who have the link and password of your post can see it
  • Private: Only people who have the link and password of your post can see it

The Referer Info (Default: public)

Controls whether the destination sites should be able to see that their users have come from your post.

  • Public: Linked websites will be able to see that users have come from this post on this website.
  • Private: Linked websites will see that users came from Google instead of from this post. This will force readers to click twice before reaching the target link.

Edit password (Optional, Default:Empty)

Allows you to set a password for Editing or Deleting your post. If left empty, then you will be unable to Edit or Delete your post.

Should Expire

Determines if your post should expire or not. All post that are set to expire will no longer be visible or editable after the expiration date.

Is there a limit to how many posts I can create?


Can I delete my post?

If you set an edit password, you can delete your post

What is Beauty Mode?

Beauty Mode is a mode that allows you to take full control of the structure of your post.
You can decide which links get converted and which don't.
You can use more styles in beauty mode such as Bold, list, heading, etc.

Can you tell me more about the Edit Password?

The passcode has two uses:

  1. It enables you to make changes to your post after you have published it
  2. it acts as an identifier. Once you have created a passcode while submitting a post, make sure to keep a copy of it somewhere safe. The passcode is then encrypted through a one-way method - impossible for someone to reverse it. This encrypted version is then shown publicly and is something you can use to identify yourself with.
    Clicking the encrypted passcode on a post will show a list of all posts with the same passcode.

So We encourage you to make your passcode strong and unique

What Kind Of Links can I create?

You can create links to websites, WhatsApp contact, WhatsApp group, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, videos links, etc.

What is the maximum length of text I can have per post?

Currently this is set to 180,000 characters

can I delete a post that doesn't have a passcode

No, posts created without a passcode are there forever – unless a copyright or claim of unlawful content is made.

I forgot my passcode, can I get it back?

Sorry, but No! once you submit a passcode, we encrypt it through a one-way method called hashing. So even if we wanted to, we couldn’t get it back.

Can I remove or edit a passcode after submitting a post?