As we know in the battlefield, your life often depends on how fast you can hold the gun. So, if that matters, I decided to measure which path is the fastest to take at the start of the game. Keeping the machine gun forward when your parachute (to avoid losing velocity) and then forward until you land is the fastest route down.

Things get a little more <a href="">متجر شدات</a> complicated when you want to go further, like 2 or 3 km from an airplane. After hours and hours of trying different ways and speeds, I've come to a conclusion.
At the time of performing the first technique, we must move forward looking towards the horizon and try to go as far as possible before activating the automatic drop (900 m 1.2 km is the maximum level). multi you can do). The distance you will go after the slide opens depends on how fast you want to maintain it.

Here is the table with my results:

Distance Speed ​​Time
20 km/h 1. 0 1 minute 25 seconds
0 km/h 1.55 1 minute 09 seconds
50 km/h 1, 50 1 min 00 sec
60 km/h 1 .30 0m 58sec
2nd The technique is to fly forward and get your parachute out as soon as possible. Then maintaining a correct speed will give us a huge difference in results.

Here is the table with my results:

Distance Speed ​​Time
20 km/h 2.90km 3m 33 seconds
30 km/h 2.30km 2m 35 seconds
0 km/h 1.90km 2m 02 seconds
50 km/h 1 .65km 1m 37sec
60 km/h 1.30km 1m 2 sec
3RD Technique Parachute right and drive with car

I also measured how long it would take if we skyd Get off the car and try to drive 2km. This way we can compare long distance skydiving and know which way is faster.

Here's What I Found Out:

Vehicle Distance Time
UAZ 2km 2m 17sec
Buggy 2km 2m 1 sec
Dacia 2km 2m 02sec
Bike 2km 1m 51sec
SuperBike 2km 1m sec

Ofc Bike is fast best and will beat anyone on parachute and Dacia will get you there pretty much all at once.

Remember that all these measurements are taken when driving perfectly and on a slightly flat surface.