Welcome Pastefree, the best version yet. This new version brings many features we had at heart since day one of Pastefree, such as user accounts, general paste statistics, and more, which we will discuss in this article.

Why Did we upgrade?

Our main goal at Pastefree is to build a handy tool for everyone. We can not achieve this if we don't bring you the core features to make your experience memorable. 

What did we Add?

User accounts

In version 3, we have now given our users the ability to create accounts to enable our creators to manage their posts. More posts will come up in our guide section and videos on youtube to explain the benefits of this feature.

Edit Expired post

Users now can edit expired posts and bring them back to life. but this feature is only available for creators who have accounts

Post Statistics

Creators with accounts will now have access to statistics on their posts. And this will only get better in minor updates of version 3

Post Templates

Users now can create post templates, which could make adding repeated data of every new post very easy. And you can do this in the post settings of the account area.

Multiple Language support

Our site has been built from the ground up to support multiple languages. This means that Pastefree will become available in various languages in the coming weeks.

What did we update?


We have updated our whole UI to make it easier to use our app. content is now more readable, and features are now easier to access on every device.

Mobile Install

We have updated the way our web app is installed. in the previous version, it was buggy, so it did work as expected. now users will be able to install our web apps properly, but only when they visit our home page or create a page

What did We remove?


We have removed the SPA part of our App, which means the page will reload each time you click a link. We have ensured that the website remains extremely Fast.

Thank you for believing in us.