Seeing a not found notice instead of the content you were hoping for can be frustrating and we hope that it happens as little as possible on Pastefree. There are some unfortunate situations that can cause it to happen, so here’s a rundown of some of the reasons you might see a not found notice:

The link was incorrect

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one – it could be that the link for the post you’re looking for was copied down incorrectly. If you think this might be the case, just ask the person that created your link to see if they might be able to update you with the correct link.

The user removed the paste

Sometimes a paste creator will decide that a paste is no longer needed, perhaps it is no longer relevant or has been superseded by a newer paste. In this case, they may decide to delete the paste, which will mean that anyone trying to access it via the link will see a not found notice or 404 error page.

The post went against our terms and conditions

We have strict terms of service which govern the allowed content on and if the contents of a paste go against these terms, we may need to remove it.

We received a copyright complaint about the post and had no choice but to remove it

Copyright takedown requests are something that we have no choice by law but to respond to – if they are valid then we will need to remove the paste that contains or links to infringing content.

Will the paste ever be restored?

If we discover that a paste was removed in error, then there is a chance that we will be able to restore it. Please check back regularly if you think this might be the case, or drop us an email at if you’d like us to double-check.